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Our History


Walnut Grove Christian School was established in the fall of 1985 under the vision of Pastor Pete Giacalone.  He believed that God had blessed his small congregation with this beautiful building and grounds for a specific reason.  With this came the opportunity to meet the spiritual needs of people of all ages, but specifically a ministry to children.  Walnut Grove Christian School started with just Kindergarten through third grade its first year.  We currently have pre-school through sixth graders in the building daily.  WGCS has changed, grown, and improved its building and grounds, but it has never changed its foundation, which is to educate children in academics and in the ways of the Lord. 


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Statement of Faith


Walnut Grove Christian School is a ministry of Walnut Grove Assembly of God and adheres to the fundamental doctrines of the Assemblies of God Fellowship.  






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Mission Statement


"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not turn from it." 

Proverbs 22:6



The mission of Walnut Grove Christian School is to provide its students with an academic and spiritual education in a Christian environment established on the written and living Word of God, the Bible.



The mission of WGCS, based on Christian values, may be presented in two basic ways.  The first precept is to provide the children of this school with the knowledge of a Christian life through God's Word.  Our goal is to provide an excellent academic education, which encourages high moral character.  All students who attend WGCS are required to attend chapel once a week at which time they receive teachings from one of the pastors of Walnut Grove Assembly of God or from guest speakers.  The children are required to participate in Bible curriculum during class time each day with the objective being to provide each student with a workable knowledge of God's Word through reading the Bible.



The second precept of the school is to encourage each child's growth on a personal basis in their Christian life.  Although it is our prayer that each child continually grow in their personal walk with Jesus Christ, it must be stated that no child will be coerced to participate in spiritual activities.  Children are encouraged to pray for others.  However, no child will be forced to pray or feel ashamed if they do not participate.  They are encouraged through the example of the teachers and through the other children in the class who want to participate. As Jesus gives each and every one of us the freedom to accept or reject Him, it is the policy of this school not to force doctrinal issues on any child.   The school will however, present the Gospel to each child with the hope that they will respond in a positive way to salvation through Jesus Christ.



Our aim for the children of this school is to provide them with the wisdom and tools that they will need to meet the challenges facing young people in today's society.  Our aspiration is to encourage our students to become productive adults who will further the kingdom of God by their example. 

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