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The Walnut Grove Difference

Why do so many parents send their children to Walnut grove?

Here at Walnut Grove we take education very seriously, which is why we provide all of our students with an in depth Learning, Caring, Nurturing, and Christ-filled education. We provide our students with exceptional academics in an environment that encourages spiritual, scholastic, and moral growth from a Christ centered biblical worldview.

Walnut Grove Christian School's mission is to not only provide our students with an outstanding Christian education, but to also provide them with a sound spiritual education as well.  Our goal is not just to view our building and grounds as a school, but to also look at it as a ministry.  This is why we provide one of the lowest tuition rates in the Pittsburgh region.


We use the Abeka curriculum which is an advanced Christian based curriculum. We have Bible class, reading class, history class, mathematics, science/health class, and English class.  All of which are centered around a Biblical world-view. Our team of dedicated teachers, combined with our advanced Christian based curriculum, allows our students to excel past the National Standardized Testing score averages. We are extremely proud to be able to provide our children with such a high level of learning in a Christian environment.


Computer Science Curriculum

​Our students love our "Computer Science Fundamentals" class! In this class, our students will study computer programming concepts, computational thinking, and develop interactive games and stories.  

Computer science and programming enhances a child's logical reasoning, critical thinking, and problem solving abilities. We believe this new computer science class is something really special that will enhance our current student curriculum, providing our students the tools and knowledge needed to pursue their future education and life endeavors . 

Our computer science curriculum is approved by and meets the standards of the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA). 

Bible Class

The A Beka Book Bible Program presents the Bible in the narrative style in which it is written. Stories of the Old and New Testaments in the lower grades lead up to the profound truths of the Gospels, Epistles, and other portions of Scripture for older students.



Reading Class

Because children become what they read, they need character-building reading materials from the very beginning. A Beka Book employs Phonics as the most logical, orderly way to introduce reading to children. Beautifully illustrated and imaginatively written, A Beka Book readers are the finest available anywhere. Stories are carefully selected for interest, readability, theme, and values, with questions throughout to guide students in comprehension of reading material and in application of valuable principles to their lives.



History Class

Abeka history texts reject the Marxist/Hegelian conflict theory of history in favor of a truthful portrayal of peoples, lands, religions, ideals, heroes, triumphs, and setbacks. The result is positive, uplifting history texts that give students an historical perspective and instill within them an intelligent pride for their own country and a desire to help it back to its traditional values.  We present government as ordained by God for the maintenance of law and order, not as a cure-all for humanity's problems. We present free-enterprise economics without apology and point out the dangers of Communism, socialism, and liberalism to the well-being of people across the globe. In short, Abeka Book offers a traditional, conservative approach to the study of what man has done with the time he has been given.




Unlike the "modern math" theorists, who believe that mathematics is a creation of man and thus arbitrary and relative, Abeka Book teaches that the laws of mathematics are a creation of God and thus absolute. Man's task is to search out and make use of the laws of the universe, both scientific and mathematical.



Science/Health Class

The Abeka Book Science and Health Program presents the universe as the direct creation of God and refutes the man-made idea of evolution. Further, the books present God as the Great Designer and Lawgiver, without Whom the evident design and laws of nature would be inexplicable. They give a solid foundation in all areas of science—a foundation firmly anchored to Scriptural truth. Teach-ability is assured through accurate, interesting writing, carefully planned demonstrations that can be performed with a minimum of equipment, chapter terms and questions, full-color illustrations, consideration of the interests and comprehension skills of students at each grade level, and detailed Curriculum/Lesson Plans.



English Class

Modern linguists have sought in vain for a credible explanation for the origin of language. Having accepted evolutionary philosophy, they embrace relativism and reject any discussion of language being governed by rules or claims that some expressions are better than others. This explains many English programs today, but it is easy to see in language a structure which reflects logic, reasonableness, and orderliness.  This is why A Beka Book grammar books emphasize structure, rules, analysis, and the kind of practice that aims at mastery. This is why we place an importance on correct spelling and the continual enlargement of each student's vocabulary. This is why we aspire to provide students with examples of the very best literature of the ages, and this is why we emphasize the continual improvement of writing abilities.



Special Classes & Activities

In addition to our curriculum classes, we also provide special classes and after school activities for the students each day. They include:



Sign Language

Our children will be taught basic knowledge of American Sign Language.  They will learn the alphabet and common words.



Music Class

Children are taught the basic knowledge of music through singing and reading musical notes in this class. They are also involved in a Christmas musical where each child will participate in some way, whether they have speaking parts or singing parts.  Students are also introduced to bells/chimes in this class.  They have the opportunity to show their musical abilities through playing the bells/chimes during our Spring concert.  



Computer Class

Our computer class teaches students the basic terms and functions of the computer.  As they progress throughout their academic career students will be taught more computer skills such as Word Processing and even how to use a variety of Microsoft Office programs, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point.  Students also have the opportunity to make a presentation using the Power Point program on the computer.



Art Class

Students have the opportunity to express their creative and artistic side during this class.  They do a variety of different projects using many different materials.  They learn how to paint with watercolors, and acrylics as well as how to draw "still-life's" using pencil, charcoal, and pastels.  The children have the option to bring home projects or they may choose to hang their works of art in the school hallway for all to see.  



Gym Class

To help maintain a healthy life-style, our gym class provides students with the opportunity to learn basic exercises that they can do at home.  This is accomplished in a variety of different ways using various methods of calisthenics such as, sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks, and various forms of stretching.  Students also have the opportunity to hone their skills in various games such as dodge-ball, soccer, hockey, and basketball.    



Mentoring Program

Our Mentoring Program is designed to help fifth and sixth grade students come into a more personal and intimate relationship with the very God who created them and loves them.  Each student is challenged to analyze their relationship with God and strive to know Him better.  These students are taught Bible lessons that are discussion oriented and focused on bringing each student to a higher level in their walk with the Lord.  This program also gives these students the opportunity to teach Bible lessons to the Kindergarten through fourth grade classes during our Spiritual Emphasis Week.




Each week students have the opportunity to attend our chapel service.  Our chapel services take place on Wednesday mornings in our sanctuary, while students in each class have the privilege to lead worship.  We have guest speakers from other local churches, as well as our own pastoral staff who come and give the main Bible teaching.  Parents are always welcome to attend our chapel services!




For more information about the Abeka curriculum, please visit their website at:

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