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Walnut Grove Christian School current tuition:


Kindergarten half day: $2,850
Kindergarten full day: $4,250
1st to 6th grades: $4,250
Preschool 3: $125 a month for 9 months
Preschool 4: $150 a month for 9 months

The Walnut Grove Difference

Why do so many parents send their children to Walnut Grove?

Here at Walnut Grove we take education very seriously which is why we provide all of our students with an in depth learning, Caring, Nurturing, and Christ filled education. We provide our students with exceptional academics in an environment that encourages spiritual, scholastic, and moral growth from a Christ centered biblical worldview.

Walnut Grove Christian School's mission is to not only provide our students with an outstanding Christian education, but to also provide them with a sound spiritual education as well.  Our goal is not just to view our building and grounds as a school, but to also look at it as a ministry.  This is why we provide one of the lowest tuition rates in the Pittsburgh region.

Tuition Schedule


Thank you for considering Walnut Grove Christian School.

Step 1: Parents and guardians please take the time to research our school or any other school you are considering for your child's education. You will find all of our information easily available on our website. A lot of private schools will not post their tuition information, but we post it with pride knowing we are providing an outstanding Christian education at one of the lowest tuition rates in the Pittsburgh region.

Step 2: Send us an email or give us a call to setup a personal tour of our school hosted by our Principal Connie Williamson.

Step 3: When your are ready, complete the registration form and submit the form and registration fee to us.

To download a copy of our registration forms, as well as our student application forms, and student handbook, please click on the following links.


NOTE: All physical, dental, and financial agreement forms will be available in the school office after registration.   


Call the school for availability




At Walnut Grove Christian School, parents are given the option to order a lunch for their child using our "hot lunch" program. In order to see what lunches are available throughout the month, please view our school lunch calendar.






To see what special classes your child is involved in throughout the week, or to see what events or special assemblies are coming up throughout the school year, please view our monthly school event calendar as well as our yearly academic calendar.  

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