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Computer Science

We are extremely excited to announce the addition of a new K-6 class at Walnut Grove beginning in the 2018/19 school year. The class is "Computer Science Fundamentals". In this class our students will study computer programming concepts, computational thinking, and develop interactive games and stories.  

Computer science and programming enhances a child's logical reasoning, critical thinking, and problem solving abilities. We believe this new computer science class is something really special that will enhance our current student curriculum, providing our students the tools and knowledge needed to pursue their future education and life endeavors . 

Mrs. Baker is our Computer Science teacher. She has taught our basic computer class here at Walnut Grove for years. Mrs. Baker has recently completed training and is now certified to teach the fundamentals of computer science. She will now be onsite teaching our students Computer Science two days a week.

We will be installing all new computers and revamping our computer lab. With our new computer lab and K-6 computer science fundamentals curriculum our students will have the opportunity to learn the latest in computing technologies. Walnut Grove Christian School is known throughout the area for providing an outstanding Christian education. Now with the addition of our new computer science classes we will also be known as one of the few Christian schools out there that can provide the technical computing skills every child needs in this rapidly advancing computer driven society we live in.


Come Code with us, and STEAM into the future with computer science at Walnut Grove!

For more information please take the time to watch these two short videos.

Our New State Of The Art Computer Lab

Over the summer we worked tirelessly to remove all of the old computers, revamp the lap, and bring in all new state of the art computers! This is such an exciting time here at Walnut Grove, all of our students have such a great opportunity ahead of them now. Our Students will now be learning ground breaking technologies that will give them the knowledge, and skill sets to someday change the world! ​

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