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For Business Owners


1. Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC): Students who live within the attendance boundaries of a low-achieving school, as determined by the PA Department of Education, are eligible to receive a scholarship if their household's annual income is no greater than $60,000, plus, $12,000 for each dependant member of the household.


For the 2012-13 school year, the maximum scholarship award available to non-special education students is $8,500 and the maximum for a special education student is $15,000.  


To view a list of low-achieving schools, visit the Department of Education's website at and click on the Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program icon.


For more details visit this website Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit


Click here for First Time Registration and/or OSTC Application



2. Education Improvement Tax Credit (EITC): The EITC Program enables companies to support local non-profit charities, at a minimal cost, instead of sending their tax dollars to the state.  Here's how it works:


A. Tax credits may be applied against the tax liability of a business for the tax year in which the contribution was made.


B. Businesses authorized to do business in PA who are subject to one or more of the following taxes can contribute: Corporate Net Income Tax, Capital Stock Franchise Tax, Bank and Trust Company Shares Tax, Title Insurance Companies Shares Tax, Insurance Premiums Tax, Mutual Thrift Institution Tax, or Personal Income Tax of S Corporation Shareholders or Partnership Partners.


C. An approved company must provide proof of DCED within 90 days of the notification letter that the contribution was made within 60 days of the notification letter; Tax credits not used in the tax year the contribution was made are not refundable or transferrable.


For additional information visit this website (PDF Form)  Scholarship Organization


Click here for EITC Program Details and/or Application


Please Note: Any and all tax monies given to one of these scholarship programs will enable children to attend the school of their choice.  WGCS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all contributions are tax deductable.  Please designate Walnut Grove Christian School as the school you would like to support!





For Parents and Students


1. Giant Eagle Apples For The Students Program: Register your Giant Eagle Advantage card so Walnut Grove Christian School can receive points for school equipment.  All you have to do is register online at or call 1-800-474-4777.  Our school I.D. number is 1283.  YOU MUST RE-REGISTER AT THE BEGINNING OF EACH SCHOOL YEAR!  Please encourage your friends and family to participate as well. 


2. Bottom Dollar Food: Register your Bottom Dollar Food Membership Card and help our school get credit towards educational equipment.  You can either go to your local Bottom Dollar food store to fill out a form for our school or you can sign up for our school online at, click on Community news, then on Classroom Connections.  Our school I.D. number is 52581.  


3. Funding Factory Recycling Program: Please donate your empty printer cartridges and used cell phones to our school.  We will recycle these items through Funding Factory to earn much needed revenue to help our school run smoothly.  All you have to do is simply drop off your old cell phones and printer cartridges to our school office and we'll take it from there!


4. Shop 'n Save Students Extra Educational Development Program: Now instead of collecting receipts, you can link your Perks Card with the school of your choice to help to bring an assembly to students. After you link your Perks Card to your local school, just swipe your Perks Card any time you shop at SHOP 'n SAVE. Your purchases will be automatically added to your school's total (a total of 250 seeds is required for each student attending the assembly.)


5. Target REDCards: Get approved for a Target REDcard and enroll our school for the Take Charge of Education campaign.  Target will donate up to 1% of your REDcard purchases to Walnut Grove Christian School.


6. Box Tops for Education:  It's a new era for Box Tops and a simpler way to earn for our school. Families can earn cash for our school by scanning their store receipt with the Box Tops mobile app and instantly add cash to our school's earnings online. 





Shop at using this link and

Walnut Grove will receive a percentage of your purchase price!

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